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I have a draggable and a droppable. The draggable has a helper which returns back to the location of the draggable itself whenever it is dropped. As far as I can tell, the dragstop event of the draggable triggers when the helper reaches the original location of the draggable. I want to do something to the droppable element that the draggable was dropped on once I drop the draggable on it. My code looks like this:

    helper: "clone",
    revert: true,
    stop: function(event, ui) {
        // do something with the droppable here!

Is it possible to access the droppable from there? Is there a way I can do this?

I am aware of the drop event for the droppable, but I do actually have to either do something with the droppable from the draggable's stop event or I have to somehow act on both the draggable and droppable at the time that the helper returns.

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var myDrop = $("#droppable").droppable(); will do your need. See if this is what you want jsfiddle.net/b9TdQ/3 –  Nouphal.M Dec 12 '13 at 14:07
I don't think that'll work. I've got multiple droppables here, so I won't know which one it has been dropped on. If there's a way to work that out, that would work perfectly. –  Matthew Dec 13 '13 at 0:26

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