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I heavily doubt my code is correct for this assignment of mine. Below is a short description of the task at hand with some matlab syntax, but do not interpret this as code. My code can be found at the end of this message.

M = [100 0;0 10]

K = [k+oa^2m -oa^2m;-oa^2m oa^2m]

where k=8950000, m=10 and oa varies in a for-loop.

A = inv([-(100pi)^2*M+K])

The matrix elements A11 and A12 is to be plotted in the interval 30pi<=oa<=150pi. I am then supposed to find where A11=0.

The reason I am sceptical about my code (see below) is because the plot does not intersect the x-axis but has more of an asymptotic character (y=0). There is no "clean" A11=0. Something interesting also happens at oa=~69.46pi. Can anyone find the error(s)? Thanks!

M = [100 0;0 10];
A11 = [];
A12 = [];
oav = linspace(0.3*100*pi,1.5*100*pi,10000);
for oa=oav;
A = inv(-(100*pi)^2*M+[8950000+oa^2*10 -oa^2*10; -oa^2*10 oa^2*10]);
A11 = [A11 A(1,1)];
A12 = [A12 A(1,2)];
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A11 does cross zero if you zoom enough:

>> min(A11)
ans = -0.0079732

69.46 < 30*pi so oa=~69.46 is not even in the range you defined...

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I meant 69.46pi. However, I was looking at A12 (facepalm). Thanks! –  Christian Dec 12 '13 at 17:25

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