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I would like to redirect my subdomain "subdomain.example.com" to a specific page on my site "example.com/specific-page" using Amazon Route 53. Is this possible?

I saw this answer and tried it (Set up DNS based URL forwarding in Amazon Route53) but that appears to only allow you to redirect to root domains, not specific pages on that domain.

Is this possible with Route 53?

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I don't believe that this is possible.

You could set up a DNS wildcard, so that *.example.com was mapped to a specific server, and then that server could use something like mod_rewrite to redirect from somename.example.com to example.com/somename.

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Actually, you can. Though the documentation implies that you can only redirect to domains, it will actually take a URL. I am successfully redirecting several Route 53-managed domains to individual pages on other domains. This works through the API as well.

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Set up Route53 to point to the subdomain. The rest should be handled by your webserver. For Apache, you can use .htaccess. For NGINX, I'd set up the server and location blocks accordingly.

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