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I want to select different csv files present in a directory with filenames<-list.files(pattern="\\.csv$")

but I would like to construct the filename by concatenating two user inputs. As the data files are named $torre$tipo, is it possible to create a string by pasting two inputs from ui.R? I have tried the following code (and some more options) but without success.


    read.csv(filename,header=T, sep=",",na.strings="-99.9")

Any help will be appreciated.


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You probably want to save your filename as a string with filename=paste(input$torre, input$tipo, sep=""). Note the additional sep option which has the default value " " (In default case the pasted strings are separated by a space).

To use it with Shiny, it needs to be converted to a reactive expression:

filename <- reactive ({
    paste(input$torre, input$tipo, sep="")

This reactive can then be used in further functions

datos <- reactive ({
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I was missing () in read.csv command, stupid mistake. Thanks @drendor –  pacomet Dec 12 '13 at 15:59

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