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Maybe I am asking the wrong questions, because I don't see any sample projects out there. I know Flash developers have done Kiosks and renovated arcade games. "Come on, we see Flash everywhere." Is there a sample project I could be pointed towards, it would be an ass-saver.

Can I prepare my swf files like an image gallery and receive XML commands to load it? Where do I start? Flash/After Effects skills have got me through so far, but I need help!!! It would be fun if it wasn't so stressful.


  • TCP/IP socket connection
  • Flash package
  • XML commands load swf file in to a container

Additional Questions

  • How do I prepare my Flash files and XML sheet to receive commands "any sample out there"?
  • What about e.data, urlLoad, xmlSocket Class, XMLCP/IP XML socket connection to load
  • Is binary or XML method better for loading and reloading swf files?
  • Do I need Red5 or a media server?

videoDnd, Ambitious Development Noob

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