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My goal is to merge two XML files (both named info.xml) which are in src/main/resources of two Maven modules (packaging:jar) into a target WAR archive.

proj1: contains src/main/resources/info.xml

proj2: contains src/main/resources/info.xml

web: web project which should contain a merged info.xml from proj1 and proj2. I declared the plugin in the web project:


To build the web project and its modules I have a build project with:


I try a mvn clean package in the build project and as result my web/target/web.war contains the unpacked libs (ueber.jar which I don't really want) and NO merged info.xml files.

What am I doing wrong?!

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You have to configure Transformers to merge files, since it often requires extra logic, especially XML. See Resource Transformers for the details.

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