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Question: The JavaScript code below: records is JSON serialized data. I can access it right away from JavaScript by using for example

The problem now is that some bright spark used a whitespace in FirstName and LastName, which means I would have to access it like
alert(records.data[0].Last Name);
Which of course is not possible. Is there any way to access it with the whitespace, like an escape sequence? I already tried omitting the whitespace, or replacing it with underscore. The problem is I get the record, and I have no control over the source.

    var records = {
"data" : [
        "First Name" : "John",
        "Last Name" : "Doe",
        "Email" : "nobody@example.com",
        "Phone" : "(917) 41-6598",
        "First Name" : "Thomas",
        "Last Name" : "Brown",
        "Email" : "somebody@example.com",
        "Phone" : "(917) 41-2892",
        "First Name" : "Albert",
        "Last Name" : "Hansen",
        "Email" : "someone@example.com",
        "Phone" : "(917) 41-3769",

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 alert(records.data[0]["Last Name"]);

data["x"] is equivalent to data.x

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