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I have the text below as output in linux:

    service {'name': 'services'}
    enable yes
    frequency 7200
    service {'name': 'files'}
    enable yes
    frequency 6000

Im looking the way to convert the output in something like:

services yes 7200
files yes 6000

Im using the next command:

| xargs -n 7 | awk '{print $3 " / " $5" / " $7}'

But as output im having:

services} / yes / 7200
files} / yes / 6000

Anyway to delete that }, or get the last output without this character?

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if you're ok with removing any and all '}'s, the easiest thing to do is use translate:

| xargs -n 7 | awk '{print $3 " / " $5" / " $7}'| tr -d '{'

tr -d will delete every instance of '{'

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If you set the field separator to a run of anything but letters and numbers, it simplifies the parsing:

awk -F'[^a-z0-9]+' '
    /service/ {printf "%s ", $3}
    /enable/ {printf "%s ", $2}
    /frequency/ {print $2}
' /tmp/test-data


services yes 7200
files yes 6000
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