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I want to replace a Hadoop job with Hive. My challenge is in Hadoop, I'm using setup() to build a kdtree by reading in reference data (points of interest) from the distributed cache. I then use the kdtree in map() to evaluate distance of the target data against the kdtree.

In Hive, I wanted to use a udf with evaluate() method to determine the distance, but I don't know how to setup the kdtree with the reference data. Is this possible?

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I probably don't have the entire answer, so I'm just going to throw out some ideas that might be of help.

So when you initialize the UDF, you might be able to build your kdtree by accessing the file you added in the distributed cache.

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Like climbage says ADD FILE command adds the file into distributed cache. You can access the distributed cache in your UDF simply by opening a file which is in the current directory. ie... open( new File( System.getProperty("user.dir") + "/myfile") );

You can use a ConstantObjectInspector to access the filename in the initialize method of GenericUDF, where you can open the file and read into memory into your data structure.

The distributed_map UDF of Brickhouse does something similar ( )

Something like

public ObjectInspector initialize(ObjectInspector[] inspArr) {
   ConstantObjectInspector fileNameInsp = (ConstantObjectInspector)inspArr[0];
   String fileName = fileNameInsp.getWritableConstantValue().toString();
   FileInputStream inFile = new FileInputStream("./" + fileName);
   doStuff( inFile ); 
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