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I have a column of data listing various education levels from census data, they vary from "HS grad" to "Doctorate" to "9th" for the highest level of education the person received.

I want to create a dummy variable for whether someone is educated or not, and in the "educated=YES" category I want it to list the respondents with college or vocational school backgrounds. I've tried using "&" but it won't group them.

C <- data.frame(educated=census$education=="Assoc-acdm" & "Assoc voc" & "Bachelors" & "Doctorate" & "Masters" & "Prof-school")

Anyone know how do group non-numeric responses?

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Please post a minimal reproducible example with sample input, expected output, and any attempts of your own so far. – A Handcart And Mohair Dec 12 '13 at 17:22
I see you got a good answer, and %in% is a great way to do it, but you should also understand why yours doesn't work: (1) and is the wrong choice here, your education variable is never going to be both "Assoc-acdm" and "Masters" in the same line, you should use OR (which is a pipe in R |). – Gregor Dec 12 '13 at 17:50
(continued) (2) (2) The equality testing == is a binary operator, it can only test two things for equality. Instead of census$education=="Assoc-acdm" | "Assoc voc" | ... you need the == for every test, that is, census$education=="Assoc-acdm" | census$education=="Assoc voc" | census$education== .... All this typing is what makes @josilber's solution with %in% much nicer. – Gregor Dec 12 '13 at 17:54
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Instead, you would want:

C <- data.frame(educated=(census$education %in% c("Assoc-acdm", 
              "Assoc voc", "Bachelors", "Doctorate", "Masters", "Prof-school")))
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