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I have a Windows service (among other things) that I am installing during the process of my WiX Installer. The installer was working great, but it started to have issues at one point. I believe (not 100% on if I did it before or after the errors happened) I had manually removed the service due to the uninstaller not actually removing files (I refreshed my GUIDs and they started to work).

On install now, it begins the process and hits a wall. Sits there for a minute, and then throws out the error

Service '' () could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services.

To confirm, my service name is not mentioned above, it is actually just ''

I've turned on verbose logs, and can see that the error is 1921.

Around that 1921 error, there are a handful of I/O on thread 5068 could not be cancelled. Error: 1168 errors.

It seems to copy all the files where they should be before it hits the error as well.

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It was due to the a mismatch in the naming of my ServiceInstall to my ServiceControl. Once I ensured the two were matching (I was loading an empty reference for my ServiceControl, hence the '') the service was fixed.

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