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whenever i try to login with the sample app for osx from the xmppframework, the code runs with plain authentication and so it returns invalid username and password. if i skip the test and give it direct md5 login, it cannot use the md5 because:

> <__NSArrayM 0x610000049b70>(
> <mechanism>X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM</mechanism>,
> <mechanism>PLAIN</mechanism> )

all i get are these 2 mechanisms. also, when connecting to google talk, it works.

ps: i used chat.facebook.com and port 5222. every setting is correct

thanks in advance

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The facebook xmpp chat api does not support Digest-MD5. It only supports PLAIN and X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM sasl mechanism so in order to login with plain sasl use facebook username and password. If you want to use X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM you will need api key and access token.

Refer: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/chat/

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