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After taking help for reading excel date values correctly, I am faced with another issue that I am stumped with. The cell quotes for VARCHAR columns is lost when inserting the excel row.

For instance, I read a row into List like

[1,ahsan, 2013-12-12]

Then when forming the query and executing the SQL statement I am given MySQLSyntaxException. How do I retain (or for that matter add single quotes for the data fetched) when using insert statement. Following is the code I am using to form query,

Statement stmt = null;
String qry = "insert into "+ fieldValue + " (";
for (int i=0; i<sheetColumnNames.size(); i++ ) {

    if (i == (sheetColumnNames.size() -1)) {
        qry +=  sheetColumnNames.get(i) +")";
        qry +=  sheetColumnNames.get(i) +",";
     }              }
qry += " values " ;
qry += "(";
// This code is in a Row loop                  
for (int i=0; i<rowSet.size(); i++) { 
   if (i == (rowSet.size() -1)) 
       if ((row.getRowNum()+1)==(sheet.getLastRowNum()+1))
        qry +=  rowSet.get(i) +")";
        qry +=  rowSet.get(i) +"),";

        qry +=  rowSet.get(i) +",";
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Look into using Prepared Statements, then MySQL/JDBC can handle it for you.

Also currently your database is vulnerable to SQL injection.

EDIT: Also performance should be way better (not sure if noticable though), because you are re-using the statement assuming there are multiple rows in an Excel file.

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