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I want to use String#scrub and Object#presence simply. Basically, I have the following code:

some_name = params[:name].presence || 'nobody'

This means if params[:name] exists then some_name = params[:name], else some_name = 'nobody'.

If I try to use that method, I get an ArgumentError: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 error:

s = "\x80\x80\x80"
s.present? #=> invalid byte sequence in UTF-8

To solve that issue, I tried using String#scrub (Feature #6752 on bugs.ruby-lang.org, available in Ruby 2.1 or using string-scrub gem)

assert_equal("\uFFFD\uFFFD\uFFFD", u("\x80\x80\x80").scrub)

In the end, I want to write:

some_name = params[:name].scrub.presence || 'nobody'

This brings nil.scrub #=> undefined method 'scrub' for nil:NilClass

Finally I wrote:

some_name = 'nobody' unless params[:name].is_a?(String)
some_name = params[:name].scrub.presence || 'nobody'

I'm confused and I want to more simple code!

Edited: There is no method like NilClass#scrub, Fixnum#scrub, Array#scrub, but only String#scrub.

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What's wrong with params[:name] || 'nobody'? –  BroiSatse Dec 12 '13 at 18:01
check this: "" || "nobody" –  SergeyKutsko Dec 12 '13 at 18:06
params[:name].respond_to?(:scrub) ? params[:name] : 'nobody' –  bjhaid Dec 12 '13 at 19:40

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Use the "andand" gem:


Or use try:

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so you can use "try" for this situation:

some_name = params[:name].try(:scrub).presence || 'nobody'
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@bjhaid 's comment, params[:name].respond_to?(:scrub) ? params[:name] : 'nobody' gave me idea:

name = params[:name].respond_to?(:scrub) ? params[:name].scrub : params[:name]
@name = name.presence || 'nobody'


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Another solution:

I create awesome_scrub gem, https://github.com/sanemat/awesome_scrub

This achieves,


name = params[:name].respond_to?(:scrub) ? params[:name].scrub : params[:name]
@name = name.presence || 'nobody'


@name = awesome_scrub(params[:name]).presence || 'nobody'
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