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I like to compare on 2 dates as following when I am doing a join:

    a.requestdate = b.alertDate

but I do not want to take the time into consideration. Just the date.

Wondering what the best way to do this would be. I am using SQL Server 2012 (t-sql)

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Or you can cast the fields to Dates.....but I prefer @ravindra's solution.

CAST(DateField1 AS DATE) = CAST(DateField2 AS DATE)
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In where condition, you can use datediff function like this.

datediff(day, a.requestdate, b.alertdate) = 0

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Simple, if using Sql 2008 or above

Convert(date,requestdate) = Convert(date,alertdate)
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The most efficient if you're going to join on it is probably to create indexed computed columns with the dates, and join on them instead. Something like;

  id INT,
  request_datetime DATETIME,
  request_date AS CAST(request_datetime AS DATE)

CREATE INDEX d_ix ON test(request_date);

This will allow the join to use exact matching on the index, and things should run faster.

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