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I am trying to find the powerset of a set recursively and then print the results which I am very stuck on any help would be greatly appreciated.

public static ArrayList<String> getpowerset(int a[],int n, ArrayList<String> power){
        return null;

            power=new ArrayList<String>();
        power.add(" ");
        return power;

    power=getpowerset(a, n-1, power);
    ArrayList<String> tmp=new ArrayList<String>();
    for(String s:power)
        if(s.equals(" "))

    return power;
for (int i = 0; i<power.size();i++){
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Try to think recursively:

  • base case) The powerset of an empty set is an empty set
  • rec. case) The powerset of a list such [firstElemnt] + restOfTheList is the powerset of restOfTheList plus each element of the powerset of restOfTheList chained with firstElemnt


Given a list [a,b,c]:

  • the powerset of [] -> [[]] (set with an empty set)
  • the powerset of [a] -> [[], [a]] (added a to each element of previous powerset)
  • the powerset of [a,b] -> [[], [a], [b], [a,b]] (added b to each element of previous powerset)
  • the powerset of [a,b,c] -> [[], [a], [b], [a,b], [c], [a,c], [a,b,c]] (added c to each element of previous powerset)


public static List<List<String>> powerset(final LinkedList<String> originalSet) {
    final List<List<String>> powerset = new LinkedList<List<String>>();
    //Base case: empty set
    if ((originalSet == null) || (originalSet.size() == 0)) {
        final List<String> set = new ArrayList<String>();
    } else { 
        //Recursive case:
        final String firstElement = originalSet.removeFirst();
        final List<List<String>> prevPowerset = powerset(originalSet);
        //Add firstElement to each of the set of the previuos powerset
        for (final List<String> prevSet : prevPowerset) {
            final List<String> newSet = new ArrayList<String>(prevSet);
    return powerset;


public static void main(final String[] args) {
    final LinkedList<String> originalSet = new LinkedList<String>();
    System.out.println("The powerset of " + originalSet + " is:");


The powerset of [a, b, c] is:
[[], [c], [b], [c, b], [a], [c, a], [b, a], [c, b, a]]

Note that i have imported the following classes:

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.LinkedList;
import java.util.List;
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