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I seem to be missing something very simple here.

I have a UIViewController which contains a UISegmentControl with two segments ("shown" & "not shown").
The user selects one in this view controller and fills in some information into text fields which all gets saved to a table view controller.
When I click on a cell to edit the information, I can't get the selected segment to show, so if I select "Not shown" in this cell when saving, I want it to show "Not Shown" selected when I edit the cell.

I then of course want to provide the user the ability to change from "Not Shown" to "Shown" with the UISegmentControl.

My code for saving the UISegment Control in the save method of the creating View Controller is:

contract.wasShown = @(self.isShownSegment.selectedSegmentIndex == 0);

I'm using Core Data here.

So in the detailViewController, I have tried a few things but with no luck (it's always showing the first segment).

if ([contract.wasShown boolValue]) {
    contract.wasShown = @(self.isShownSegment.selectedSegmentIndex == 0);
else {
    contract.wasShown = @(self.isShownSegment.selectedSegmentIndex == 1);

What do I need to do to get the selected segment shown and then what should I put in the save method of the Detail View to change that selection if possible?


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Sorry all - this was just me being stupid.

Implemented with the following code in viewDidLoad:

if ([contract.wasShown boolValue])
         self.isShownSegment.selectedSegmentIndex = 0;
        self.isShownSegment.selectedSegmentIndex = 1;

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