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I have an idea to enable FastMMs memleakreporting in the nightly automatic build. The messagebox should of course be disabled. The simplest would probably be if the applications exitcode was > 0 if there was a memleak. I did a quick test and the exitcode was 0 with a memleak and FastMM.

So my question is how can I detect if there was a memleak in FastMM to set the exitcode ?

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For my previous Delphi project I used MemCheck. It created text log file with all leaks it detected. I like this way of reporting and I see that FastMM has option do create such file: in FastMM4Options.inc there is LogErrorsToFile. This way you need to check log file and not check exitcode.

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That was a way of course. I use Finalbuilder so it should be easy to detect that memleak file. –  Roland Bengtsson Jan 13 '10 at 9:01

I modified "procedure CheckBlocksOnShutdown(ACheckForLeakedBlocks: Boolean);" for my current customer to set the exitcode, so I could easily check in DUnit if a spawned process had a mem leak. I added a line at the end of the procedure:

  {$ifdef UseOutputDebugString}
  ExitCode := 1;     <-- added this one
  if Assigned(OnMessage) then
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