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I've done a ton of searching and looking at examples but cannot find what I think is possible. I want to give read access on a blob-by-blob basis, and NOT open the entire container to be readable. All the examples I found show how to create a full authenticated URL for a blob, which I got working. What I'm finding is that I can take that SAS key and append that to any other blobs in the same container and they will be readable.

Can I create a SAS key that is only valid for a single BLOB? If so, an example/link would be appreciated!

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You can certainly set shared access signature at Blob level. If you're using .Net Storage Client library, do take a look at GetSharedAccessSignature function on a blob. I wrote a blog post on Shared Access Signature some time back where you will find some code for creating SAS for blob: http://gauravmantri.com/2013/02/13/revisiting-windows-azure-shared-access-signature/.

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Thanks for the link. However, on the page you reference there's a function called "GetSaSForBlob", which is what I think I need. But no where in the code example is that method called. –  mwill Dec 12 '13 at 22:09
So what you do is 1st call this method on a blob by providing appropriate permission (SharedAccessBlobPermissions.Read if you want to create a SAS using which your users would be able to download the blob`) and get a SAS URL. Then scroll down to "Download Blobs" section in the post to see how that SAS URL is used. –  Gaurav Mantri Dec 13 '13 at 3:53

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