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I have a date field that needs to return in fiscal year format. example

Start_Date        Year 
04/01/2012 -      2013
01/01/2012 -      2012
09/15/2013 -      2014

We need to calculate

04/01/2012 to 03/31/2013 is FY 2013


04/01/2013 to 03/31/2014 is FY 2014

How can we do that in select statement?

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so you need the end date? –  dotjoe Dec 12 '13 at 21:29
is your input data correct as per your output in above example ?i think input is wrong . –  KumarHarsh Dec 13 '13 at 9:55
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SELECT CASE WHEN DatePart(Month, Start_Date) >= 4
            THEN DatePart(Year, Start_Date) + 1
            ELSE DatePart(Year, Start_Date)
       END AS Fiscal_Year
FROM data
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David has a very good solution. A simpler expression is:

select year(dateadd(month, -3, start_date)) as FiscalYear

That is, subtract 3 months and take the year.


As noted in the comment, this seems to produce one year too early. Here are two solutions:

select year(dateadd(month, 9, start_date)) as FiscalYear

select 1 + year(dateadd(month, -3, start_date)) as FiscalYear
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I think that's simpler expression than the CASE-WHEN-THEN-ELSE, but in this particular example you want to add 9 month. If you add 9 months, April will gets bumped up to next year's January. –  Csaba Toth Jan 22 at 21:50
@CsabaToth . . . Thank you. I edited the answer. –  Gordon Linoff Jan 22 at 21:55
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Assuming that you have a table Fiscal_Year with Start_Date per Year, and you want to find the fiscal year for a given date @Date:

SELECT MIN(Year) WHERE @Date >= Start_Date FROM Fiscal_Year
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Declare @t table(StartDate date ,Year1 int)
insert into @t values('04/01/2012',2013),('01/01/2012',2012),('09/15/2013',2014)
;with CTE as
(select max(year1) maxyear from @t)
, cte1 as
 (select cast('04/01/'+convert(varchar(4),a.year1) as  date) FromFY,dateadd(day,-1,dateadd(year,1,cast('04/01/'+convert(varchar(4),a.year1) as date))) ToFY

,b.year1 from @t a  inner join (select min(year1)year1 from @t) b on a.year1=b.year1
    union all
   select cast(dateadd(day,1,ToFY) as date),cast(dateadd(year,1,ToFY) as date),year1+1 year1 from     cte1 where year1<=(select maxyear from cte)

select * from cte1
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