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I've been using IntelliJ IDEA 9.0 Community Edition for some time after years living in Eclipse. One thing seems to be hard to find in it. I'd like to create a patch on some subfolder in my project. In Eclipse it is done using right click, Team, Create Patch.

Does anybody know how to do that in IDEA?

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Use the Changes view. In the group by directory mode you can right click on the directory with changes and choose Create Patch from the context menu.

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You can do a right click Local History -> Show History and then choose a revision and click on patch button (the second from the left)

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In the Local Changes tab or the Repository(SVN)/Log(Git) tab of the Version Control tool window, select a change or changelist you want to create a patch for and click Create Patch from the context menu.

P.S. relevant for all versions

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