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I does anyone know how I make an make a variable from an array?

For example:

I am trying to echo the state abbreviation from the below array. The $state value is actually a state like New York. But I want to echo the state abbreviation after the array.

$state = $guest_state;
echo convert_state($state);

  function convert_state($key) {
  $a2s = array( 
'DC'=>'District of Columbia',
'NH'=>'New Hampshire',
'NJ'=>'New Jersey',
'NM'=>'New Mexico',
'NY'=>'New York',
'NC'=>'North Carolina',
'ND'=>'North Dakota',
'RI'=>'Rhode Island',
'SC'=>'South Carolina',
'SD'=>'South Dakota',
'WV'=>'West Virginia',
   $array = (strlen($key) == 2 ? $a2s : array_flip($a2s));
   return $array[$key];
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"a variable from an array" -- it's a variable already – zerkms Dec 12 '13 at 21:38
So what is the problem? – Jon Dec 12 '13 at 21:38
array_search('New York', $a2s);? – Rocket Hazmat Dec 12 '13 at 21:41

Try: array_filter()

$array; // your array
$needle; // the state you are looking for
$filtered_array = array_filter($array, function ($element) use ($needle) {
    return ($element['state'] === $needle);

$matching_keys = array_keys($filtered_array);
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array array_keys ( array $array [, mixed $search_value = NULL [, bool $strict = false ]] )

array_keys() returns the keys, numeric and string, from the array.

If the optional search_value is specified, then only the keys for that value are returned. Otherwise, all the keys from the array are returned.

So this should do your thing:

array_keys($a2s, $key);
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function convert_state($state) {

 $a2s = array() // Lets pretend this is the exact copy of yours, i didn't want to type it out.
 foreach ($a2s as $stateAbbrv => $stateName) {
      if (strtolower($stateName) === strtolower($state)) {
           echo $stateAbbrv;


So you'll be iterating through the $a2s until you find a match with your $stat parameter, then it will out put the key.

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Thanks did worked. Any idea why I cant echo echo $stateAbbrv; where ever I want within my code? It only displays if I echo the variable right after the script foreach ($a2s as $stateAbbrv => $stateName) { if (strtolower($stateName) === strtolower($state)) { echo $stateAbbrv; – user2976340 Dec 12 '13 at 22:04
if you are trying to echo the abbreviation, then it's just echo array_search(strtolower($state), array_map('strtolower', $a2s)); strtolower is used because you want to lower case all the comparisons, so it doesn't fail on Wisconsin and wisconsin. – kchang4 Dec 30 '13 at 19:09

Simple as:

return array_search($key, $a2s);
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