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I'd like to try and cut down on the amount of data that OAuthWebSecurity is asking from providers.


The above link summarises the various data it requests from the different providers:

Google: email, country, firstName, lastName

Microsoft: name, link, gender, firstname, lastname

Facebook: username (which is really an email address), name, link (URL to their facebook page), gender, birthday

Twitter: name, location, description, url (URL to their Twitter page)

Yahoo: email, fullName

LinkedIn: name, headline, summary, industry

For the purposes of the site I'm working on, I don't need any data about any of the users - I just need to reference them so I only really need the Provider and ProviderUserId - possibly their email address at a push. It would be good to not request all this additional data that I'm just discarding and potentially putting users off by looking at their seemingly irrelevant data.

I understand that OAuthWebSecurity is just a wrapper around DotNetOpenAuth, but does anybody know if it is possible to achieve this without bypassing it entirely?

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