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I have .frm, ibdata and ib_logfile from my previous version of MySQl and now I have shifting to a newer version. Unfortunately, I donot have the previous version installed so I cannot take the dump and import into the new MySQl version.

Please suggest some way to get these databases running in the newer MySQL version. I have all the required files from the previous MSQl.

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I believe Emil's suggestion will work in case you had only InnoDB tables. For MyISAM tables, you need the .frm, .myi and .myd files for each table. –  Roland Bouman Jan 13 '10 at 9:38

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It's really dangerous to do this, so just do it on a copy of the files (and try hard to use the exact same version of MySQL):

  • Make sure the MySQL service is not running
  • Remove the ib_logfile (it is not needed)
  • Put the files in place in the MySQL datadir
  • Start your server and check the logfiles.
  • Check that everything is working.
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This did not work. Though it recognizes the databases and the tables lying in the data dir, it cannot read the data in these tables. I get this error when I try to read some info from a table using sql query: ERROR 1033 (HY000): Incorrect information in file: '.\db_name\table_name.frm' –  Akhil Jan 13 '10 at 9:36
Google the error message. –  Emil Vikström Jan 13 '10 at 9:52
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Well, it may seem trivial. But since I had saved the entire MySQL folder present in Program Files from my previous installation. I found out that I could still use that folder to run the previous MySQL installation without any changes or reinstallation (it seems MySQl works like Linux softwares). And now I am using mysqldump to create the dump and then will import it into the new MySQL version.

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