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Is it possible to find number of images in a DICOM study by reading a DICOM header of a file in that study?

I am developing a Java application that receives DICOM studies from different sources. I just want to check if a study has been received completely.

Unfortunately I cannot rely on reading DICOMDIR as in many cases the studies do not have that file. I am also familiar with dcm4che and imageJ libraries.

Cheers, Arash

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You've tagged your question with ImageJ and Dcm4Che. Are you looking for code on how to do this using ImageJ and Dcm4Che? –  medPhys-pl Dec 13 '13 at 11:47
Yeah, I'm looking for code in Java using dcm4che. –  Arash Dec 14 '13 at 5:11
Try using the Dcm4Che API (I recommend Dcm4Che3 the latest version) to use the referenced series sequence to solve your problem. Post the code here and if you have problems I will help. –  medPhys-pl Dec 14 '13 at 9:23
Hi @medphys-pl, thank you for the comment, I had a look at my dicom files and noticed that they don't have any referenced series sequence tag (0008,1115). Do you know any alternative way? –  Arash Jan 8 at 3:58

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The number of instances in study tag (0020, 0013) is intended to be able to communicate this information. As you noted in a previous response, however, this is not reliable. The problem is that you are looking at a single instance of the study. It is effectively impossible to guarantee that the creator of that file knew (knows) about all current instances in that study. For example, a modality may know how many instances it creates and sends to the archive. However, at some later date evidence objects (such as presentation states, key objects or structured reports) can be added. This changes the number of instances in the study, but does not (necessarily) change any existing part 10 files.

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We find number of Images in Tag.InstanceNumber (0020,0013).

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Yeah that's what I used as well. But it's not very reliable. –  Arash Feb 20 at 21:38

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