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I have a question about extracting specific elements from array-valued properties in Neo4j. For example if the nodes in out database each have a property 'Scores', with Scores being an integer array of length 4. Is there a way to extract the first and fourth elements of every node in a path i.e. can we do something along the lines of -

start src=node(1), end =node(7)
match path=src-[*..2]-end
return extract(n in nodes(path)| n.Scores[1], n.Scores[4]); 

p.s. I am using Neo4j 2.0.0-RC1

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if cod3monk3y's solution doesn't work for you, please give us some example output you'd like to see. –  Wes Freeman Dec 13 '13 at 3:41

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Does this work for you?

START src=node(1), end=node(7)
MATCH path=src-[*..2]-end
RETURN extract(n in nodes(path)| [n.Scores[0], n.Scores[3]] )

Basically that's creating a collection for each node of the 1st and 4th (indexes start at 0) score. See 8.2.1. Expressions in general

An expression in Cypher can be:


  • A collection of expressions:

    ["a", "b"], [1,2,3],["a", 2, n.property, {param}], [ ].

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