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I've seen a lot of mentions like this one that Sun has patented their name mangling scheme for C++.

It's certainly true that Sun's name mangling is much more efficient than the scheme used by IBM's xlC compiler, for example.

But I can't find the actual patent anywhere. Does anyone have the patent #, or a link to the patent?


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do we really need a "name-mangling" tag? –  Aardvark Oct 15 '08 at 17:40
Well, if we don't, then in 6 months this will be the only question on the tag, and we'll know :) Until then, is having the extra tag really costing SO that much? –  Mike G. Oct 16 '08 at 0:13
A quick search for "mangling" finds more than one page of questions here, at 50 ? per page. So perhaps the tag will be useful... –  Mike G. Oct 16 '08 at 0:14
@Aardvark: yes. :-) –  Jason S Mar 17 '12 at 23:02
Fine, I'll abandon my anti-name-mangling tag campaign. After three years I grow weary... ;) –  Aardvark Mar 19 '12 at 17:29

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Here is what I came up using Patents.com.

I searched for "mangling c++" in the description and for "sun" in the Assignee Name.

Nothing comes up when searching for "differential mangling"

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That's not it, but it is interesting, thanks. –  Mike G. Oct 16 '08 at 0:11

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