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After successfully deploying a test app using the steps outlined here: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/latest/dg/create_deploy_Python_flask.html

I tried to deploy my actual flask application which has the following structure:


Where views.py contains my url mappings.

I have tried initializing the eb instance in the root directory as well as within the myApp module and git aws.push but I get the following error on the AWS dashboard: ERROR Your WSGIPath refers to a file that does not exist. and the application does not work (404 for any path).

How can I deploy the above Flask application to elastic beanstalk?

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Add the following to .ebextensions/<env-name>.config:

    WSGIPath: myApp/handlers/views.py


If you don't have .ebextensions directory, please create one for the project. You can find more information of what can be done regarding the container configuration in Customizing and Configuring AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environments guide.

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I dont seem to have a .ebextensions directory; should I? I tried updating the .elasticbeanstalk/optionsettings.myApp.config file changing the WSGIPath=... line, is there a difference between the two config files? –  alh Dec 14 '13 at 10:13
.elasticbeanstalk contains metadata for eb tool itself, better not tamper with it. If you don't have .ebextensions directory, please create one and add config file there. I should've been more elaborative on that in the answer. –  kukido Dec 15 '13 at 4:14
This is actually outdated as of awsebcli 3.0. I added an answer detailing how it is done now. –  davetw12 Mar 2 at 21:01

I encountered a similar problem deploying a Flask application to EB, with a similar directory structure, and had to do 2 things:

  1. Update my manage.py to create an object of name application, not app

    import os
    from application import create_app, db
    from flask.ext.script import Manager, Shell
    application = create_app(os.getenv('FLASK_CONFIG') or 'default')
    manager = Manager(application)
  2. Create .ebextensions/myapp.config, and define the following block to point to manage.py

      WSGIPath: manage.py
      "/static/": "application/static/" 

This let Elastic Beanstalk find the application callable correctly.

This is described briefly at the official docs, and is described in more detail in this blog post

EDIT - see project structure below

  • ProjectRoot
    • .ebextensions
      • application.config
    • application
      • main
        • forms.py
        • views.py
    • static
    • templates
    • tests
    • manage.py
    • requirements.txt
    • config.py
    • etc, etc
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As of awsebcli 3.0, you can actually edit your configuration settings to represent your WSGI path via eb config. The config command will then pull (and open it in your default command line text editor, i.e nano) an editable config based on your current configuration settings. You'll then search for WSGI and update it's path that way. After saving the file and exiting, your WSGI path will be updated automatically.

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