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I m trying to generate bulk calls using asterisk, everything is working fine . I am using call files to do this, but the problem is in billing (That i want to save to other database using AGI) . How can i know that the call is answered , unanswered ,Busy, not responding etc. I know about ${DIALSTATUS} but its not working if you generate calls from .call file.

my call file looks like this :

Channel: Dahdi/ch/somenumber
Context: mycontext
Extension: exten
MaxRetries: 3
RetryTime: 40
WaitTime: 25

Let me know what other information you want.

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You have read asterisk book.

I recomend ORelly's "Asterisk the future of telephony".

You can do outbound call via dialplan by using

Channel: Local/somenumber@somecontext/n

Anyway it is very bad idea create dialler(very complex task actually) yourself with your level of questions. Check vicidial software or other opensource already written diallers

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thanks for your suggestion, i have already tried Channel:local/ext@context , thats why i asked here , anyway i got working, now i can call from call files and store UNANSWERED and ANSWER calls separately into the database . Done this after few hrs of asking the question, forgot to mention here :) – n j Dec 15 '13 at 16:39

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