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I want to track user's action on service. For example,How often they would have started the service,etc.

Does Google Analytics provide any API for these?

EasyTracker.getInstance(this).activityStart(this) is only used for Activity?

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I think you can track this as an event.


EasyTracker easyTracker = EasyTracker.getInstance(this);

  // MapBuilder.createEvent().build() returns a Map of event fields and values
  // that are set and sent with the hit.
      .createEvent("ui_action",     // Event category (required)
                   "button_press",  // Event action (required)
                   "play_button",   // Event label
                   null)            // Event value

Although, you could send an event when the user performs an action instead, to start the service. That would be more convenient.

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