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Can Anyone recommend a well design open source project with Entity Framework? I had some tastes about the Entity Framework 4, but I would love to know how people use this framework in some large projects.

Many thanks.


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I don't think that you will find one. All well designed ones uses nhibernate ;) –  jgauffin Jan 6 '11 at 13:52

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While not large, you could check out the All-In-One Code Framework samples. I think there are at least a few examples of the Entity Framework in there. One specific example is:

How to work with table relationships and entity inheritances in ADO.NET Entity Data Model

This code sample includes a step-by-step guide about how to work with Entity Data Model in various ways, including One-to-Many association, Many-to-Many association, One-to-One association, table merging, table splitting, Table-per-Hierarchy inheritance, and Table-per-Type inheritance.


They just added another sample:

CSEFCodeOnly, VBEFCodeOnly

These two samples illustrate how to use one of the EF4 new features, Code Only, to create the EDM metadata and the corresponding .edmx file with POCO entity classes during runtime. They also demonstrate some basic insert and query operations to test the EDM metadata generated by Code Only.

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I found this question will looking for the same answers. So far the best I've found is http://www.nopcommerce.com/ - since 1.70 (July 7, 2010) they have been using Entity framework.

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See http://kigg.codeplex.com/ Highly recommended for an ALT.NET style of doing Entity Framework.

It shows a way of abstracting yourself from the ORM even.

A different project with similar architecture: http://shrinkr.codeplex.com/

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