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Recently, I'm working on a project using the build-in microphones recording the stereo sound. And then doing some signal processing. However, it seems like there is no specific solution to this question.

There is a link showing that it is quite reasonable only using the build-in microphones doing the stereo recording.


However, I still do not know how to do it! Is there someone solving this problem?

There are some resources showing how to access different build-in mic. use rear microphone of iphone 5

Also, it may quite easy using an Android phone implementing this project. How to access the second mic android such as Galaxy 3 , How can I capture audio input from 2 mics of my android phone real time and simultaneously

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Have you found a solution meanwhile? –  Michael Dorner Feb 3 at 18:24
not yet. Seems that there's no relative API. I used Samsung Note 3 instead and got the solution. –  Yuntao Wang Feb 18 at 7:51
The solution I got used in Android: stackoverflow.com/questions/20594750/… –  Yuntao Wang Feb 18 at 7:53

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