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Is there a module or best way to compare 2 hashes based on keys and retrieve and print values missing in 1st and 2nd hash?

I have two hashes which describe a particular configuration.
I want to compare two historical statuses of the configuration. In particular I am interested to know which key has been deleted and which key has been added. There is no need to know where the key has been edited (i.e., this does not happen).


Hash 1 keys:

Hash 2 keys:

The result should be something like:

xxx added
ddd deleted
yyy added

Any idea?

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Check this out… – PseftiS Dec 13 '13 at 8:47

You can use List::Compare for this task:

use strict;
use warnings;
use List::Compare;

my %hash1 = map { $_ => undef } qw/aaa bbb ccc ddd/;
my %hash2 = map { $_ => undef } qw/aaa xxx bbb ccc yyy/;

my $lc = List::Compare->new( [ keys %hash1 ], [ keys %hash2 ] );

my @hash1Only = $lc->get_Lonly;
my @hash2Only = $lc->get_Ronly;

print "Added: @hash2Only\nDeleted: @hash1Only\n";


Added: xxx yyy
Deleted: ddd

Hope this helps!

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Iterate through all keys of hash 1. For each check wether it exists in hash 2. If not, it has been deleted. If it does, delete the key form hash 2. Once done, all the remaining keys in hash 2 are the ones that have been added.

edit: I assume you know how to write code in Perl and just needed an idea. If the answer sounds strange, look the words written like this up in Perldoc.

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use warnings;
use strict; 

my @array1 = qw (aaa bbb ccc ddd);
my @array2 = qw(aaa xxx bbb ccc yyy);
my (%hash1, %hash2);

@hash1{@array1} = 1;
@hash2{@array2} = 1;

foreach (keys %hash2){
    print "added $_\n" unless exists $hash1{$_};

foreach (keys %hash1){
    print "removed $_\n" unless exists $hash2{$_}; 


added xxx
added yyy
removed ddd
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Works perfectly, many thanks! – user3098583 Dec 13 '13 at 10:07
@user3098583 no problem. You should select the answer as correct if it achieves what you wanted – fugu Dec 18 '13 at 12:15
sub compare {
  my ($a, $b) = @_;
  [grep !exists $b->{$_}, keys %$a], [grep !exists $a->{$_}, keys %$b];

my @keys1 = qw(aaa bbb ccc ddd);
my @keys2 = qw(aaa xxx bbb ccc yyy);
my (%hash1, %hash2);
my ($deleted, $added) = compare(\%hash1, \%hash2);
print "Added: @$added, Deleted: @$deleted\n";
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