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I've been asked if I can read the weight from a scale, connected via RS232, and dump it into a web application. Reading the weight of the scale from the local machine isn't bad (this SO question gives an explanation: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2038387/rs232-question-how-to-read-weight-to-pc), but...

How do I then get that data to paste into a box in my web application...? Ideas?

I'm running into a similar-but-reverse situation with Fedex and UPS labels. I can get the label data within the web application, but I need to send that data via a raw printer socket (i.e. I can't just File > Print) to the local printer... how?

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FedEx and UPS now how Zebra printers that can be network attached. Printing to them is easy via .NET and the standard Windows Spooler using the UNC path to the printer. The trick is how to expose the printer to your web application. If you web application is on the same network as your printer (intranet), the answer is simple. Send the data to the printer via the Windows Spooler from your web server in a server side call from your web app clients. If your web application is hosted outside of your local network, stand up a web service and write a web service to receive the ZPL (Zebra Printer Language) from your web app. The web service would also use the windows spooler to send to the printer on the same network.

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Usually web applications are unable to communicate directly with a PC unless there's a full trust between the server and the client. Even then, web pages lack the ability to talk to peripheral devices for myriad security reasons. For a problem like this, you'd almost have to run some kind of client/service background application on the PC.

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Yep, that's what I was thinking too, the question is then one of: is there a nice, clean way to write that app and have it talk to the web app. –  Keith Palmer - consolibyte Jan 13 '10 at 12:00

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