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What is the different between static and dynamic programming languages? I know that it is all about type systems but I’m looking for more clear clarifications.

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Statically Typed language:

  • You need to declare the 'type' of variable beforehand.
NSString *string = @"Hello";
  • You cannot save object(either concrete or primitive) of other type in the variable of same name
NSString *string = @"Hello";  
int string = 9; // Not legal, compile type warning

e.g of statically typed language : Java, Objective-C, etc.

Dynamically Typed Language:

  • No need to declare object type. it will be figured out in runtime.

string = 'Hello'

  • We are allowed to change object type for same variable, as names are bound to an object with assignment operator.
   string = 'Hello'  
   string = 9 // Allowed

e.g. of dynamically typed language : Python, etc.

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