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I'm trying to invoke a Hessian Web Service from a JavaFX applet. I know it needs some reflection permissions so I signed it myself for testing but even then it doesn't work. The browser asks me if I accept the certificate, I click yes but I receive the permission exceptions anyway:

com.caucho.hessian.client.HessianRuntimeException: access denied ( connect,resolve) access denied (java.lang.reflect.ReflectPermission suppressAccessChecks access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission accessDeclaredMembers)

Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance.

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According to Sun's documentation:

a signed applet has the AllPermission permission only if Java Plug-in can verify the signers

Since you are self-signing, I think you'll want to setup a policy file to grant yourself permission (will NOT work for others). Here is a tutorial.

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