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"Hot Code Replace Failed - add method not implemented". I get this error message every time I change something in my test class (and save it). Can't figure out what it means. Can somebody help?

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do you use tomcat (or any application server)? –  Bozho Jan 13 '10 at 12:46
@Bozho- I don't use tomcat (or any application server). –  snakile Jan 13 '10 at 13:34

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Possibly, you have a test which is still running (in debug mode). Try finishing all tests (you can see them in the debug view: window->show view->debug) and try again...

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See this thread:

This means you changed a class while it was debugging an application and it could not update the class for the application while it was running.
The error suggests you may be running an older JVM, i.e. pre-1.4.2 but this error can occur with any JVM if the change is incompatible with the previous version of the class.

Check carefully what JRE you are using in your debug session.

Also check you are deploying classes compiled with the debug attribute set. (see this thread)

Finally, as indicated here:

did you switch "Project->Build Automatically" off?
Hot code replacement works (only?) if automatic build is switched on...


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I was running into this issues too. I found a build hiding in the backgound that was giving me fits. Check to make sure you have all tests/builds closed or completed. Nonetheless, you can still run the new code.

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