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As per the docs here I have set-up things to use the Memcachier plug-in in production and use the local memcache instance in development. However when I do check which cache I'm using locally, I see that django is using the LocMemCache and not the configured memcache.

In my

from memcacheify import memcacheify

CACHES = memcacheify()

In the django python shell

from django.core.cache import cache
<django.core.cache.backends.locmem.LocMemCache at 0x9afd7ac>

Environment settings

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Could you double-check that your not getting a key error for:

import os; os.environ['MEMCACHEIFY_USE_LOCAL']

You'll need to ensure this condition is passing. If your using Foreman to configure the environment, make sure your using the proper tooling to run the Django shell.

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