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I am new to ant and I am trying the following :-

I have a file called info.2013.tar.gz .It is in a location memo.dir . I have to pass this file into a variable in ant and write a regular expression to get the year i.e. 2013 in an ant target . I have been working on perl and I know how to do it using perl ,but I have no clue how to do that using ant. Can anyone please help me .

<target name = "new" depends="load-props,classpath">
          <fileset dir = "${memo.dir}">
            <include name = "*.tar.gz"/>

I tried something like this but it did not help .

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<pathconvert property="year">
    <mapper type="regexp" from="([^.]+)[.]tar[.]gz" to="\1"/>

        <fileset dir="${memo.dir}">
            <include name="*.tar.gz"/>

<echo>year: ${year}</echo>
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Can you please explain me the regex you have used?How do I get info from info.2013.tar.gz? –  Newbie Dec 16 '13 at 9:53

You may use script task with builtin (since JDK 6) javascript engine, f.e. :

<!-- create macrodef for reuse -->
<macrodef name="splitstring">
  <attribute name="str" />
  <attribute name="by" />
  <attribute name="index" />
  <attribute name="result" />
   <script language="javascript">
   // create property for further proccessing
   project.setProperty('@{result}', '@{str}'.split('@{by}')['@{index}']);

 <fileset dir = "${memo.dir}" id="whatever">
  <include name = "*.tar.gz"/>

 <splitstring by="." str="${toString:whatever}" index="1" result="foobar" />

 <echo>$${foobar} => ${foobar}</echo>


output :

[echo] ${foobar} => 2013

Note that project.setProperty() may overwrite an existing property with the same name, otherwise use project.setNewProperty(), so :

<property name="foobar" value="value"/>

<splitstring by="." str="${toString:whatever}" index="1" result="foobar" />

would result in :

[echo] ${foobar} => value
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