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Has anyone used the Mechanize gem on a site that required SSL?

When I try to access such a website Mechanize tries to use standard HTTP which results in endless redirections between http:// and https://.

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Mechanize works just fine with HTTPS. Try setting

agent.log =

to see what's going on between Mechanize and the server. If you are still having trouble, post a sample of the code and somebody will help.

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I just gave Mechanize a try with my company's web site. The home page is HTTP, but it contains a link, "customer login," which sends the browser to an HTTPS page. It worked fine. The code is:


require 'rubygems'
require 'mechanize'

agent =
page = agent.get("")
link = page.link_with(:text=>"CUSTOMER LOGIN")
page =
form = page.forms.first
form['user_login'] = 'not my real login name'
form['user_password'] = 'not my real password'
page = form.submit
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@the Tin Man Thanks for the edit. It looks like my ability to press SHIFT was somewhat... lacking at the time. – Wayne Conrad Feb 6 at 20:51

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