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In Qt, I can get the selected text of a QComboBox by using the combobox->currentText() method. How can I get the selected value?

I checked over http://qt.nokia.com/doc/4.6/qcombobox.html for help but I couldn't find a method currentData() which I expected to find. I could only find combobox->currentIndex()

Is there a smarter way to do it other than combobox->itemData(combobox->currentIndex())?

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It seems you need to do combobox->itemData(combobox->currentIndex()) if you want to get the current data of the QComboBox.

If you are using your own class derived from QComboBox, you can add a currentData() function.

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Thanks. I just used this tip in my program. – Brian Stinar Oct 8 '10 at 20:06
@Patrice Bernassola However the switch operation of type 'QVariant' :combobox->itemData(combobox->currentIndex()) is illegal !!! Why ? – Frankenstein Jan 23 at 1:49

you can set QVariant data for all items, then you can get the value when you need it.

there is an example code for this situation:

ui.comboBoxSheetSize->addItem("128 m", QVariant(128));
ui.comboBoxSheetSize->addItem("256 m", QVariant(256));
ui.comboBoxSheetSize->addItem("512 m", QVariant(512));
ui.comboBoxSheetSize->addItem("1024 m", QVariant(1024));


void Page::onComboSheetSizeChanged( int index )
 int value = ui.comboBoxSheetSize->itemData(index).toInt();

by the way, i think i misunderstood your question. i think the way you get data is smart enough?

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This one can get the text of current index:

QString cb = cbChoice ->currentText();
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The member function QComboBox::currentData has been added since this question was asked, see this commit

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For documentation see: doc.qt.io/qt-5/qcombobox.html#currentData-prop. The property is available since Qt 5.2. – m4tx Jan 3 at 17:17

This is my OK code in QT 4.7:

 //add combobox list 
    QString val;
    val = "http://www.work4blue.com";
    ui->startPage->addItem(tr("Navigation page"),QVariant::fromValue(val));
    val = "https://www.google.com";
    val = "www.twitter.com";
    val = "https://www.youtube.com";

   // get current value
    qDebug() << "current value"<< 
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I had same issue

I have solved by

value = self.comboBox.currentText()
print value
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That's the label text, not the value. – mmitchell Feb 3 '15 at 2:18

I'm astonished that there isn't an activated signal and have the same problem. I solved it by making a subclass of QComboBox. I think it's better to avoid having to directly access the object and call its functions because that means more tight coupling and goes against Qt's philosophy. So here's the class I made that works for me.

class SmartComboBox : public QComboBox {


private slots:

    void triggerVariantActivated(int index);


    SmartComboBox(QWidget *parent);


    void activated(const QVariant &);


And the implementation

void SmartComboBox::triggerVariantActivated(int index)

SmartComboBox::SmartComboBox(QWidget *parent)
    connect(this, SIGNAL(activated(int)), this, SLOT(triggerVariantActivated(int)));
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I had the issue and

QString str = m_UI->myComboBox->currentText();

solved this.

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I know I'm very late but for those who still have that problem, it can be solved easily. I use Qt 5.3 and it works fine. No need to create a function or all that.

int valueComboBox;
valueComboBox = comboBox->currentIndex();

and it works ! Hope it helps !

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index is not the same as value – Vladp Jul 5 at 8:38

I confirm the easiest way is to do this:

uiAnalyseAssets::AnalyseAssets(QWidget *parent)
: QWidget(parent)


void mainFunction::yourFunction( int index )
 int value = ui.comboBox->currentText();
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Wait a second -- doesn't QComboBox::currentText() return a QString? How do you arrive at a sensible int? And what do you want to do with your parameter int index? – Christian Severin May 3 '11 at 12:07

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