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We are trying to have our makefile be self-documenting and want to be able to do something like

make targets

and have it list the targets that the user might want to use. As part of this, we would like to display all of the .PHONY targets. Is there a way to get the prerequisites of one target (.PHONY in particular) from another rule?

I am hoping to be able to do something like

.PHONY: clean build

   @echo $(prerequisites .PHONY)

and then run it as

$ make targets
clean build

We are using GNU make but would prefer a solution that works with other make if possible.

Is this possible?

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No, that's not possible in GNU make, and certainly not in generic make. You can keep the list if targets in a variable, then use the variable twice:

PHONY = clean build


        @echo $(PHONY)

That's about it.

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