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I am trying to add Turbolinks power to my website but I am currently facing a problem. I have script tags that used to be in the head section which was executed on page load of specific pages. These scripts should be executed once and on their specific page only. When I tried Turbolinks, these scripts were not executed at all unless they exist in the initial page (the first page loaded from the server). So I moved the scripts to the end of the body section of my HTML page. Here are my findings:

1- Normal script tags:
This resulted in executing the code multiple times. So if I load the page once it will execute correctly, if I navigate away from the page and then come back to it, the code will execute twice. If I do that again then it will execute 3 times ... etc. The code is being executed from sources that starts with VM and ends with 5 digits, example VM29823 that are created in chrome each time it visits a page with script tag inside of its body. These scripts are executed even if you are navigating to a different page, for example if I visit page A with script SA then SA will be executed onload of other pages B and C. Which is, of course, not desirable.

2- script tags with data-turbolinks-eval=false:
In that case the script is only executed only if that script was called from the initial page (The first load of the website), which is a similar behaviour of adding the script to the head section instead of the body.

I need to execute my scripts only once and to their corresponding pages.

Please help.

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The Turbolinks documentation says that <script> tags should be put in the <head> section. –  Barmar Dec 13 '13 at 17:07
@Barmar True, but turbolinks only updates what is inside the body tag. Hence, if I want to add certain script for 1 page only it have to be inside the body. –  wael34218 Dec 13 '13 at 17:37
@wael34218 have you come up with any solution since? I'm trying to attempt something similar by placing my page-specific JavaScript inside the <body>, while keeping my other assets that should be served by Turbolinks in the <head>. But I'm running in to the same problems as you. –  richsinn Aug 17 '14 at 3:36
Hm unfortunately, it seems that trying to implement page-specific JavaScript loading in the <body>is just not kosher with Turbolinks at all. According to this blog post (staal.io/blog/2013/01/18/dangers-of-turbolinks), it's really easy to mess up the Global scope if you don't strictly follow the Turbolinks way (i.e. putting all scripts in the <head> section). –  richsinn Aug 17 '14 at 4:10

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