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Trying to push my app to AppFog (Ruby Sinatra) and am getting the following 301 error. Bundler version is 1.3.5.

    Error 310: Staging failed: 'Staging task failed:
 Staging plugin failed:  /opt/cloudfoundry/vcap/staging/lib/vcap/staging/plugin/gemfile_task.rb:325:in `log_and_raise_error': Error resolving Gemfile: /tmp/d20131213-31744-gjr5n/Gemfile:2:in `evaluate': undefined method `ruby' for #<Bundler::Dsl:0x00000001423898> (NoMethodError) (RuntimeError)

My GemFile looks like this:

source 'http://rubygems.org'
ruby "1.9.3"
gem 'sinatra', '1.4.4'
gem 'data_mapper'
gem 'json', "~> 1.8.1"
gem 'omniauth-facebook', '1.4.0'
gem 'fbgraph'
gem 'sinatra-contrib'
gem 'bundler'
gem "activesupport", "~> 3.2.16"
group :development do
    gem 'dm-mysql-adapter'
    gem "thin"
group :production do
    gem 'dm-mysql-adapter'
group :test do
  gem 'rspec'
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