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I am trying to do a free text search. basically the search string is being sent to a stored procedure where it executes the free text search and returns the result.

If I search for red flag, I want to return the results that matches both red and flag text.

Below is the query I use to return the results.

select * from customer where FREETEXT (*, '"RED" and "flag"')

This doesn't give me the desired result. Instead this one give the desired result.

select * from customer where FREETEXT (*, 'RED') AND FREETEXT (, 'FLAG')

My problem is since it's inside a stored procedure, I will not be able to create the second query where clause. I thought both query should return the same result. Am I doing something wrong here?

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You need to use CONTAINS instead of FREETEXT:

select * from customer where CONTAINS(*, '"RED" and "flag"')

CONTAINS supports boolean syntax. FREETEXT does not -- it is more of a natural language type of search.

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