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This should be a pretty simple thing, but I'm quite new to (My)SQL.

Basically, given a customers table with attributes id, client, etc., where the client field is not necessarily unique, I want to eliminate rows where the client field is a duplicate of a previous value.

The following:

 SELECT MIN(id) FROM customers GROUP BY client

returns the unique id's of the rows I want. I want everything else out.

I tried

 DELETE FROM customers WHERE customer.id NOT IN 
    (SELECT MAX(id) FROM customers GROUP BY client)

to no avail. (ERROR 1093 (HY000): You can't specify target table 'customers' for update in FROM clause).

Why doesn't it work and what do I need to do to accomplish my goal?

Thank you.

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You could create a temporary table that holds the values you want to remove. Then your delete query could be based on that temporary table.

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