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I have the site on mvc 5 and I need on site play some mp3 files. I have access to remote storage of those mp3. For example links like


but on my site I cant show those links directly and I need make some proxy. So when user call blablabla.mp3 from my site he use link like

http://mysomesite.com/blablabla.mp3 but my server download stream from the remote service http://somestorage.com/blablabla.mp3?accesstoken=1230130123123

So user getting file from me, but I am loading it from other location and instantly transfer to user as stream. The proxy.

How to do it?

1) I think it can be some IIS module which when came GET request start download it from other location. Exist something like that?

2) I made mvc control which handle request like that and return stream to user,but it doesn't support "Range: bytes=0-" header. It means when user asking get middle of mp3 I start loading it from start.

the code:

    public void VkStream(string id)
        string link = GetMusicLink(id); //here I get REAL link to mp3
        Uri url;
        if (!Uri.TryCreate(link, UriKind.Absolute, out url))
        //Create a stream for the file
        Stream stream = null;
        //This controls how many bytes to read at a time and send to the client
        int bytesToRead = 10000;
        // Buffer to read bytes in chunk size specified above
        byte[] buffer = new Byte[bytesToRead];
        // The number of bytes read
            //Create a WebRequest to get the file
            HttpWebRequest fileReq = (HttpWebRequest)HttpWebRequest.Create(link);

            //Create a response for this request
            HttpWebResponse fileResp = (HttpWebResponse)fileReq.GetResponse();

            if (fileReq.ContentLength > 0)
                fileResp.ContentLength = fileReq.ContentLength;

            //Get the Stream returned from the response
            stream = fileResp.GetResponseStream();

            // prepare the response to the client. resp is the client Response
            var resp = HttpContext.Response;

            //Indicate the type of data being sent
            resp.ContentType = "audio/mpeg";

            //Name the file 
            resp.AddHeader("Content-Length", fileResp.ContentLength.ToString());

            int length;
                // Verify that the client is connected.
                if (resp.IsClientConnected)
                    // Read data into the buffer.
                    length = stream.Read(buffer, 0, bytesToRead);

                    // and write it out to the response's output stream
                    resp.OutputStream.Write(buffer, 0, length);

                    // Flush the data

                    //Clear the buffer
                    buffer = new Byte[bytesToRead];
                    // cancel the download if client has disconnected
                    length = -1;
            } while (length > 0); //Repeat until no data is read
            if (stream != null)
                //Close the input stream

So I need or some iis module which can work like that or add "Header: Range" support to my code.

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