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From this article on CodeGuru about PayPal IPN, I see there are two fields, payer_email and payer_id, that can be used to identify the user. Is there anything else I'm missing? Do you use these fields to identify the user or how do you do it?


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I've used the 'custom' variable to hold the user id in my system. Then, when the ipn notification comes back to my site, I use the value in 'custom' to look up and identify the user when processing the ipn.

Doing this requires the user to be logged in on my site so I know who they are and can add that information into the 'custom' variable for the paypal button.

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I do something similar as well as checking the total value is the same as I would expect. – Tony Edgecombe Jan 13 '10 at 14:58

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