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I am trying to implement an RC4 implementation in Matlab. I want to encrypt a message (e.g. 'encrypt12') with a key(e.g. 'key'). I got the key stream but didn't get the ciphertext. I have been trying for many days to use many options for the xor but nothing seems working. My code:

function ef = rc4 (pf,k)
sc = rc4key(k);
j0 = 0;
i0 = 0;
for s0 = 1:length(pf)
    [r, i0, j0, sc]=rc4out(i0, j0, sc);
for i = 1:length(pf),
    C = bitxor(v,r);
    data_show =dec2hex(C);
    ef = data_show;

function sc=rc4key(key)
le = length(key);
sc = 0:255;
j0 = 0;
% scramble the key schedule
for i0 = 0:255
    k0 = floor(key( floor(mod(i0,le))+1 ));
    j0 = floor(mod( j0 + k0 + sc(i0+1), 256));
    tm = sc(i0+1);
    sc(i0+1) = sc(j0+1);
    sc(j0+1) = tm;

function [r, i0, j0, sc]=rc4out(i0, j0, sc)
% next byte of rc4 output
% inputs: i0, j0 = indices; sc = key schedule
% outputs: r=random byte; i0, j0 = indices; sc = key schedule
%for q=0:strlen(data)
i0 = mod( (i0+1), 256);
j0 = mod( j0 + sc(i0+1), 256);
tmp = sc(j0+1);
sc(j0+1) = sc(i0+1);
sc(i0+1) = tmp;
ra = mod(sc(i0+1) + sc(j0+1), 256);%(S[i]+S[j]) %256
r = sc(ra);%S(S[i]+S[j]) %256

I am really struggling with this for many days, please help me getting the proper ciphertext so that I can convert the same ciphertext in this above code and get the desired plaintext. The desired ciphertext does not have to be exactly as it is supposed to be. But atleast I want to recover the plaintext from the ciphertext as exact as I have given.

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