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I'm working on deploying a github project to maven central repository.

Following the instructions outlined here, one of the contributors with write access to the github repository successfully issued the following:

mvn release:prepare
mvn release:perform

However, the Nexus UI complained about not being able to find his GPG key and so we dropped the staged repository.

At this point we are trying to preform the release again. Since the github repository has already been correctly tagged, it would seem we only need to do the very last step:

mvn release:perform

It seemed that the right way to do this is by adding the -DConnectionUrl property, but there are no URLs for github tags/releases. Checking out the release locally and using the -DlocalCheckout does not either seem to work.

At this point, I'm thinking to do the remaining pieces manually.

How can I wrap this up?

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This is what I ended up doing:

  1. Created a file named release.properties under the project root directory and supplied the following key value pairs:



  2. Executed mvn release:perform

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